Manatee Snorkeling Adventure

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Visit the secluded Swallow Caye outside of Belize City which is a natural habitat for the West Indian Manatee, take pictures and view the shy manatees. Next we are off the small quaint island of Goffs Caye , here you’ll be able to snorkel right off the beach and enjoy Willie’s famous Bar-B-Cue!

Then its on to our second snorkel stop “The Aquarium”, shallow depths, amazing visibility, and crystal waters makes this the ideal snorkel destination. Visitors indulge in the exploration of thriving sub-aquatic gardens where colorful sponges, branching anemones, Staghorn and Elkhorn coral formations thrive in abundance. The majestic spotted eagle ray, several species of snapper, grouper, angelfish, and a multitude of other marine creatures engulf the underwater wonderland and provide a memorable spectacle of awe and enjoyment to all who traverse these vibrant waters.

Finish with a leisurely stroll on neighboring Caye Caulker, remember to bring along sun block, sunshades, towels, cap and sandals.

Cost: $90 US per person

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