Lamanai Maya Ruin Adventure Tours

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This full day adventure takes around the island over to the mainland of Belize into the old Northern River into the village of Bomba where our ride awaits along the unspoiled Pan American highway.

We then board the riverboat for a leisurely tour on the unblemished wonderland of bird life, crocodiles, turtles, bats and orchids. Arriving on the shore of the New River Lagoon and once ancient capital of Lamanai (submerged crocodile), surrounded by pristine rainforest of the area, Lunch is served by the beach. The exploration afterwards takes you along nature paths to various plazas with temples reaching to the heavens – again, a reminder of the cosmological religion of this ancient civilization, which saw the creation of both the short (260 days) and the long count (365 days) calendars a couple thousand years ago by sacred shaman priest/scientists living and working in the rainforests of Meso America. As you stroll on the tour listen to the howls of the majestic Black Howler Monkey.

Please remember to bring along sun block, insect repellant and sunshades.

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